Technical Illustrations

Technical Illustrations

Your product needs to be explained? We create technical illustrations which are easily understood. You have 3D data? Very good. You do not have 3D data? Still fine, because we also create the illustrations in classic 2D. The two-dimensional drawing still offers many advantages: for example in building control systems – the alleged “wrong” proportion of the 2D drawing is the “right” solution for conveying information. We illustrate products from simple line drawings for product documentation to photorealistic rendering for marketing purposes.

  • Explanations without text and without language barriers
  • Quickly created, also parallel to the product development
  • Fast information transfer and clear instructions
  • Multiple 3D benefits: Illustrations for instructions, product images and videos
Example of a comprehensible technical illustration
Example of a comprehensible technical illustration
illustration styles

Classic line drawing

e.g. as a “step-by-step instruction”: in easy to follow steps to the finished product

Illustration Strichzeichnung Montageschritt Beschlag Schritt1
Illustration Strichzeichnung Montageschritt Beschlag Schritt 2
Illustration Strichzeichnung Montageschritt Beschlag Schritt 3

Cross-sections and transparencies

Show product qualities that are not actually visible. Visual varieties for appealing explanations.

Technische Illustration Anlage Thermische Trennung Detail
Technische Illlustration Verbindungsmuffe
Technische Illlustration Wasserhahn

Colour and explosion

There is a suitable type of illustration for every piece of information.

Technische Illlustration Wäermebild
Beispiel Explosionszeichnung mit Bauteiluebersicht
Beispiel Explosionszeichnung als Rendering

How to get your illustration?
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